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43 year old who had a mastectomy (her choice) 10/02.  She was not interested in reconstruction and is quite comfortable with her decision-she just had a cyst aspirated from the left breast if you see a band aid.4/03


A closer look at the above 43 year old — again full range of motion — she had a negative sentinel node biopsy.4/03



43 year old who elected to have a mastectomy in 5/02.  She then had chemo and radiation.  She developed some lymphedema in 2/03 after lifting animals at her job which she loves.  She has had great success with lymphatic massage and is almost back to normal. 4/03


71 year old who had a mastectomy in 1999.  Her tumor was very close to her nipple and she decided to go this way.  She did not have radiation.  4/03

66 year old who had a right mastectomy in 1999.  I wanted to show her bra.  4/03



This 59 year old had a mastectomy in 99 for an early stage cancer. She is very happy with her decision and had no further treatment but comes to see me every 6 months. 5/03
  This 46 year old had a simple mastectomy for DCIS in '96.  She is very comfortable with her choice and is able to jog, dance and sing. 5/03
  This 53 year old had a mastectomy in '97.  She wanted to just have a mastectomy originally but still thinks about getting some type of reconstruction. 5/03
  A side view of the above 53 year old.  She wanted to show how nice she thought the scar was. 5/03
  This 42 year old had a mastectomy in '01. 5/03
  This 64 year old international peaceworker had a right simple mastectomy for Pagets disease of her nipple in 1996. She had been treating the skin changes as an infection for some time, but her cancer was still early. She has not had any other treatment and is doing quite well.  She and her husband still work and travel around the world. 5/03
  This 51 year old had bilateral mastectomies in 8/01. The right was preventative and the left her choice. She has no regrets and has traveled alot since. 6/03
  This 40ish professional woman with a strong family history and difficult mammograms just decided to go ahead and have prophylactic mastectomies in '99. She and her family have had no regrets. 7/03
  This 51 year old presented with an axillary mass which shrunk with chemotherapy however she decided to have bilateral mastectomies in '00. For her 2nd year anniversary she had her scars tatooed. The butterfly was added this year - 6/03
  This 54 year old had a left mastectomy in '99. We tried to get clean margins with three lumpectomies but weren't successful. She is doing well but worries about the right breast. 7/03
  This 56 year old woman was diagnosed with a large undetected lobular cancer in her left breast. She decided to have bilateral surgery in '01as her breasts had always been a pain to her. 6/03
  This 60 year old had a right mastectomy and sentinel node for extensive DCIS in 7/03. This picture was taken just a couple months later.
  This 42 year old had a mastectomy in 11/97- She had 7 positive nodes and had aggressive treatment but continues to live healthy and enjoy her family and life!!! HURRAY - 12/03
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