New, Personalized, Compassionate Consultation Advice from a Breast Expert

After 25 years of one-to-one breast health and breast cancer care, Dr. Dixie Mills is making herself available to more women as part of a new breast coaching program

If you have questions or concerns or just don’t feel right about an upcoming choice, this is for you.

If you are overwhelmed or underwhelmed by the choices, take the time to discuss them with Dr. Dixie.

If you want to know if you are getting standard treatment or want to know why or when something is going to happen, learn more here.

If you want to know what more can you do, what is safe to try, what has worked with others, call….

Have breast pain or worried about a lump but told not to worry, get in touch with Dr. Dixie.

If you want to know what alternatives are available for your situation or where else could you go, the answers are here.

Dr. Mills has the experience as a breast cancer surgeon with thousands of women who have partnered with her to develop their own treatment plans. At Women to Women she worked with many women who were concerned about their hormones, were using bioidentical hormones or taking supplements. She has seen success. She has kept an open mind as patients tried alternatives and will share their stories — successes and failures. Her list of resources, providers and places is long and she will point you in the direction you want. Breast pain, nipple discharge, different size breasts, strange coloring. Dr. Mills has seen or heard of most everything and wants to help. Her advice is grounded in the latest medical knowledge along with her years of experience listening to women. Dr. Dixie has been working with the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation on their pioneering ductal research over the last 4 years, but now is drawn back to patient care. But realizing the limitations of one to one care, she decided to use the internet to reach more women. Her consultation advice is available online, via the phone or in person. Please for a fee schedule and additional information.

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