As women, we are learning new ways to care for ourselves in a loving way. This caring extends to all parts of our being. Dr. Dixie Mills has developed this wonderful CD as a way for us to rediscover and honor our breasts.

Track One:Introduction and Visualization.
In a relaxed, down to earth way, Dr. Mills explains breast anatomy, lumpiness, breast pain and fibrocystic changes. We are also led on a guided voyage into our breasts to explore them from the inside out. 24.5 minutes

Track Two: Guided Self Exam to Music.
Dr. Mills gently guides us through a breast exam in an environment of peaceful music. 24 minutes

Music by: Robert Carriker

New for 2006 — 30 second Self Breast Massage

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Dixie J. Mills, MD FACS, is a Harvard Trained general surgeon who specializes in breast issues. She previously worked with Dr. Susan Love and at the Mind/Body Institute in Boston. Since 1995 she has been associated with Women to Women, an innovative health center in Maine.




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